BIO (English)

Luiz Castelões (b. Rio de Janeiro, 1977)

Brazilian composer, and Professor at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (Brazil), Castelões’s music blends Brazilian traditions with contemporary compositional techniques. Highlights of awards include: Rádio MEC Festival (Semifinalist, 2020), Ibermúsicas (2015), UFRJ School of Music (honorable mention, 2012), Boston University (“Music by living composer” [pianist B. Oglice], 2007), Festival Primeiro Plano (Best Sound Editing, 2003), and the XIV Brazilian Contemporary Music Biennial (1st prize, 2001); recent performances/recordings of his music have been given by pianists Aki Fujii (Japan, 2020-21) and Donald Berman (USA, 2021), and by ensembles such as Aulos Flute Ensemble (Iceland, 2021), Roadrunner Trio (Netherlands, 2020), Ensemble Linea (France, 2019), Aleph Gitarrenquartett (Spain, 2019), Ecce Ensemble (France, 2018), Ensemble Mise-En (South Korea, 2018 and 2017), Quartetto Maurice (Italy, 2016 and 2014), and Mivos Quartet (Spain, 2015); recent articles/chapters published in OM Composer’s Book Vol. 3 (France, 2016), Sonic Ideas (Mexico, 2015), and El oído pensante (Argentina, 2013). His main compositional interests include: Algorithmic Composition, Image-to-Music Conversion, Musical Onomatopoeia, and Brazilian danceability and corporeality.